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Velzy Noserider

True Ames

Velzy Noserider

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True Ames “Velzy Noserider” fin in fiberglass construction designed by Dale Velzy. From True Ames’ website: “The Velzy Noserider which is relatively slender for a pivot-style noserider, is a bit more responsive than its tip-time-oriented relatives that have wider bases and fuller surface areas. This fin is a fun one to get slippery on! The mastermind behind this design is Dale Velzy, legendary pioneer of the surf industry. The world’s first commercial shaper and a talented surfer in his own right, Velzy is renowned for his enduring contribution to longboard design with his “Pig” surfboard which took the board’s wide point and moved it back toward the tail, making it much more maneuverable. On a similar quest with his Noserider fin, Velzy knew the subtle footwork from the likes of David Nuuhiwa–regarded by many as the finest surfer of the ‘60s–would benefit with only just enough fin far behind the toes. This fin’s relatively stiff foil will offer stability when you’re hanging ten, while its narrow profile will simultaneously allow you to get loose. It's sure to come alive for the sensitive types that like to mix up their ride with a little slide. 

  • A fun alternative to a classic and predictable pivot-style noserider
  • Slender profile with minimal area for a looser ride
  • Solid fiberglass construction, gloss finish”

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