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Tyler Warren Quad Fiberglass FCS Compatible

True Ames

Tyler Warren Quad Fiberglass FCS Compatible

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Tyler Warren Quad Fiberglass FCS Compatible. 

( 4 Fin Set ) FCS Compatible: Updated in July of 2021, Tyler's Quad set has undergone some further refinement after years of performance driven knowledge has been acquired. These fins provide loose and fluid drive that allows for effortless speed. Geared towards serving a variety of board shapes and surf conditions, Tyler's Quad set is well balanced for all types of riders. The larger front fins provide stability and hold, while the smaller rears will really allow you to open up and gain some agility through sweeping turns. The front fins are single foil while the rears are an 80/20 foil. 

The solid fiberglass construction in these fins provide a slightly stiffer feel and work well for larger surf / larger riders. 

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.50" / 114 mm  
BASE: 4.75" / 121 mm
AREA: 14.98"² /  96.64 cm²

( Back Fins )
HEIGHT: 3.50" / 89 mm  
BASE: 3.67" / 113 mm
AREA: 10.18"² /  65.67 cm²

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