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The Wizl
The Wizl

Thomas Surfboards

9’5” x 22 7/8” x 2 7/8” 

The Wizl

$1,600.00 + tax


Thomas Surfboards “The Wizl” model shaped by Thomas Bexon. From Thomas Surfboards website: “This is the most exciting addition to the Thomas Surfboards longboard lineup. The Wizl is our take on an all-rounder, and with it we can pretty much forget our previous attempts. This Wizl has to be the most dynamic turner in our list of models, & it noserides like a dream too. With subtle adjustments to our typical rocker, and a tail that is slightly pulled in, the Wizl is an incredibly functional longboard. A long, deep concave leads to a flat bottom, with slight V and a soft edge shaped into the tail. The design is currently under the feet of Harrison Roach & Kelia Moniz and the positive feedback we’ve been getting from them is why we’re so excited about the design.” 

This board is like new in excellent, very lightly used condition with only one or two extremely small pressure dimples. No dings. 

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