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The Box
The Box

Hess Surfboards

5’5” x 21 1/2” x 2.625”

The Box

$795.00 + tax $850.00


Hess Surfboards “The Box” model shaped by Danny Hess. This board utilizes Hess Single Skin Technology. Believe the wood used for the skin is Walnut. From Hess Surfboards website: “The "Box" Is a deconstructed high performance shortboard. Inspired by The Peanut Shark laydowns I make, the futuristic planing hulls of Daniel Thompson and the Mach- 77 Morey Boogie that started my love of surfing. This Design is made to really generate speed and fly in smaller to medium size surf. I've added a bit of entry and tail rocker to allow the "Box" to be put through much tighter turns than expected of wider tail designs.”

Single Skin Technology breakdown from Hess Surfboards website: “I’m always searching for ways to make stronger, high performance, interesting surfboards. That search has led me to creating my single skin technology.  I was trying to find that neutral, consistent flex poly surfboards have in a stronger epoxy type construction. I feel that this combination of 2lb. recycled EPS with the full 1/8th inch thick wood deck skin/ stringer has achieved that and created a very durable board at the same time. Recycled EPS core. Vacuum formed 1/8th inch thick wood deck that functions as the stringer providing even, consistent, lively flex. Durable, very pressure ding resistant deck. Glassed with Entropy Bio- Epoxy” 

This board is in excellent like new condition despite being surfed multiple times.     


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