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That 70’s Board/Straight Single Fin
That 70’s Board/Straight Single Fin

Aleutian Juice

5’11” x 19.2” x 2.4”

That 70’s Board/Straight Single Fin

$385.00 + tax


Aleutian Juice Surfboards “Straight Single”/“That 70’s Board” with 6-channel bottom shaped by Dave Parmenter. From Aleutian Juice Surfboards website: “As a surfboard design the single-fin has always been maligned by the myth that they are ‘stiff’ handling surfboards. Actually, they are much looser than multi-fin boards, though the rider must really know how to surf to get them moving in ordinary conditions. You cannot simply pump away with Thruster body English and get them up on step. In fact, that is one of the main reasons singles are in fashion again – they teach you how to surf properly, using the rails and trim, and tapping energy zones on the wave unreachable on the tri-fin with it’s power-giving but grabby side fins. Many younger surfers are discovering the single-fin for the very reason that it lets them ‘feel’ the wave in an entirely way, with almost LSD-like sensation and clarity. Ride them full-vintage or in modern configurations, either way the single-fin allows the experienced surfer a limitless array of tracks on a wave, with an enhanced tactility of control in tight spots, and with Michael Peterson-like riffs that have you kicking out thinking, “What was that!”” 

This board is in good used condition with light/medium pressures on the deck and a couple of small repaired dings. Watertight. 



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