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TechFlex 2+1

Futures Fins

TechFlex 2+1

$140.00 + tax


Futures Fins “TechFlex 2+1” tri-fin setup in TechFlex construction.

The Techflex 2+1 combines the best of high performance longboarding and traditional noseriding. This set is intended to be ridden as a thruster with the Techflex materials providing highspeed stability, while the center fin allows for maneuverability with a soft flex pattern through the tip.

  • Template Category | Performance 2+1
  • Construction | Techflex
  • Size | Large Longboard


    Side Fins Center Fin
    Area 14.22 27.90
    Height 4.37 6.88
    Base 4.22 5.74
    Foil FLAT SYMM

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