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Stamps Keel

Naked Viking Surf

Stamps Keel

$95.00 + tax

The large keel was designed for the 'classic' fish shapes. It's a larger template with a full base and a moderate rake for exceptional speed, drive, and hold. The single foil and 5 degree built in cant angle will give any fish shape some extra zing and performance and allow a more progressive maneuvers.

: 7.68" 
Height: 5.16"
Area: 27.02 in²
Rake: 38.3°
Foil: Flat

Cant angle for Futures based twins: 5 Degree

Part of our Apex G10 Construction; made with a solid piece of precision foiled G10 fiberglass for the ultimate in performance and durability.  The combination of highly durable material and precision foiling yield a fin that is stronger and has a more ideal flex pattern than your traditional honeycomb or composite fins.

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