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Shoveltail Drifter
Shoveltail Drifter

Chris Ruddy

9’6” x 23.75” x 3.25” 

Shoveltail Drifter

$800.00 + tax


Chris Ruddy Surfboards “Shoveltail Drifter” model shaped by Chris Ruddy. From Chris Ruddy Surfboards website: “The Shovel-tail Drifter is the high performance flagship of the brand.  Chris shapes this design with performance off the tail as well as Nose riding in mind.  The rocker is moderate but not flat. It allows for surfing in juicy waves and the vee in the drifter tail coupled with a double concave under your rear foot makes the turns free and effortless.  The signature nose bevel and single concave make for amazing nose rides and prevents digging in the soup.  The Drifter tail also has deck side ridges that act as a slot channel on the top side.  This feature is unique in that it holds the tail steady during nose rides.” 

This board is in excellent, like new, used condition with only very small pressures on the deck. 

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