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Donald Takayama

8’1” x 22 5/8” x 3 1/16”


$1,150.00 + tax


Surfboards by Donald Takayama “Scorpion” model in polyurethane/epoxy construction with FCS Fusion quad plugs and center long box designed by Donald Takayama. From HPD’s website: “The ultimate mini-noserider! Surf the board from the nose or turn on a dime. Probably one of the fastest mid-length boards out there, now with controlled maneouverability. Donald first came up with this design in the mid 60’s. It has been slightly re-worked and now is basically a smaller version of the Erik Sommer Model. Coming in lengths from 6’8” to 8’, this board will absolutely fly when ridden on the nose. With a true “pin” tail and a 2 + 1 fin setup, this board will perform the tightest of turns when pushed to it’s limits. An excellent alternative for someone looking for a shorter ‘longboard’. “ 

This board is best suited for riders 100-235lbs

This board is brand new 


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