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Daniel Jones Surfboards

5’10” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/8”


$750.00 + tax


Daniel Jones Surfboards “Rick Cane Pro” model twin fin hand-shaped by Daniel Jones. From Daniel Jones Surfboards website: “Call it the RCP-Rick Cane Pro model, unidentified, or simply Truffles. This is the board Noa Deane rode in Stab's Electric Acid Surfboard Test. He didn't give it a horrible review, which was a huge relief! And he actually did a giant punt on it that didn't make it into the movie, so I put it up here. I started riding this model in the spring of 2019, and was instantly hooked on it's speed and looseness. It’s nice to stand up and not have to work for speed, and instead be able to just focus on controlling it and going where you want to go. This saves energy and helps to smooth out your surfing. The board starts to work when it's waist high, and gets better as it gets bigger, up to around 5ft Hawaiian. Somehow this twin fin works just as well backside as it does frontside. It's ability to lay down a frontside carve as consistently and as good as my normal shortboard also really surprised me. It took a little time to figure out the release, but as it turns out, all you need to do is just hit the wall a little higher to accommodate that extra fin height. And on the open face, just continue your arch all the way around and give it a little push to release the tail. It's pretty much the same as a thruster, just wait one sec longer. This twin fin is great supplement to shortboarding. Some people actually think they surf better on it than their thruster. It's very user-friendly, and anyone who can ride a shortboard can ride it. If you're a decent surfer, your going to be going faster than normal. And if you only know how to go straight, then your going to be going a lot faster! Plus, it's loose, so it's easy to turn. The swallow tail is my go-to with this fin setup, but I also have a 5'8" squash diamond tail version of this board that feels even more loose and lively. That might not be the best thing if it's your first twin fin, but who knows, maybe you'll love it! The board surfs really tight backside, and has a little extra looseness frontside in the lip and on the open face. Round tail, round pin and squash tail are all also options. I’ve been asked if the board slides out, and that can definitely happen if you rush the bottom turn before setting your rail or try to do a mid-face bottom turn. This often results in a weird board slide thing that you usually recover from. But dropping into a barrel is fine, somehow. I've never had one slide out in that situation.” 

This board is best suited for riders 100-175lbs 

This board is brand new

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