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Rabbitsfoot (Goofy Foot)
Rabbitsfoot (Goofy Foot)

Love Machine

5’9” x 21” x 2 3/8” ;30.62L

Rabbitsfoot (Goofy Foot)

$650.00 + tax $795.00


Love Machine Surfboards “Rabbitsfoot” model in stringerless EPS/epoxy construction designed by Ryan Lovelace. From Love Machine Surfboards “The Rabbitsfoot has become something of a mythical beast - it’s beginnings sprouting in Dan Malloy’s curious mind - a lopsided experimental brainchild of his, one variation of which slowly adjusted generation after generation by Ryan with a cadre of oddballs to help; including Trevor Gordon, Ari Browne (below), Simon Murdoch, Landon Smith, Ryan Burch, William Aliotti, Phil Browne and Cyrus Sutton. Each experimental iteration proving the original concept again and again; The version used for our quiver here is the most highly documented and road-tested in its decade of the design’s trials, Ari ‘Krooky’ Browne’s magic little 5’9. In the finless design-scope, the Rabbitsfoot can be considered the high performance shortboard so they are not ideal boards for beginners, or new finless surfers. All Rabbitsfoot (feet?) are built in EPS and Epoxy construction, something sacred to the design; poly versions will not be produced, so expect these to be extremely light and extremely buoyant for their size.” 

This board is best suited for riders 100-185lbs

This board is in excellent, once rode very lightly used condition with only a couple of very light pressures on the deck. No dings. 

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