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Ono Twin
Ono Twin

Naked Viking Surf

Ono Twin

$90.00 + tax

The Ono outline draws from the vision of legendary folks like Steve Lis and Larry Gephart. It’s a well-balanced keel template; designed for fluid, stylish surfing.

The Ono twins feature our proprietary SeriesIII foiling which provides more effortless speed down the line and smoother rail to rail transitions. The Ono Keels will complement most any fish or fish-hybrid outline. They’re a relatively small keel template which allows for them to be used in a wide variety of boards without stiffening them up with too much surface area, rake, etc.   

: 6.12"
Height: 5.0"
Area: 22.99  in²
Rake: 32.2 °
Foil: Flat

Cant angle for Futures based twins: 6.5 Degree

Part of our Apex G10 Construction; made with a solid piece of precision foiled G10 fiberglass for the ultimate in performance and durability.  The combination of highly durable material and precision foiling yield a fin that is stronger and has a more ideal flex pattern than your traditional honeycomb or composite fins.

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