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NPJ Quartet Quad

Captain Fin Co.

NPJ Quartet Quad

$145.00 + tax


Captain Fin Co. “NPJ Quartet Quad” template fins. 

The Neal Purchase Jr. Quartet is a solid fiberglass layup that's part of our Limited La Especial Collection. This template was developed by NPJ for maximum speed and control. "I was riding ‘70s twin fins and decided to add two stabilizers to add drive and make a quad. Took a quarter inch off the base of the twin fin template I had and positioned the back fins in a cluster for tight driving turns ... they are at 10 1/2 and 6 1/4 from the tail with the back fins 1/4 inch further in from the rail. The result generates huge amounts of speed rail to rail with heaps of hold."





Responsive fin for use in a Neal Purcahse Jr. Quartet or pulled-in tail performance quad.

Compatibility: Compatible with Futures fin system.

Construction: Fiberglass

Flex: Stiff

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