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Mandala Delta-V Twin
Mandala Delta-V Twin

True Ames

Mandala Delta-V Twin

$90.00 + tax


True Ames Mandala Delta-V Twin FCS Compatible. 

Designed by Manny Caro of Mandala Custom Shapes, this twin set has some beautifully balanced curves that provide adaptability to a lot of different boards and surf conditions. A solid template with a full outline and moderate rake will provide plenty of stability, but also those smooth and powerful turns we're all in search of. The solid fiberglass construction will provide durability and also a stiff flex which will drive well off the bottom and through the lip.

HEIGHT: 5.31" / 133mm   
BASE: 5.20" / 132 mm
AREA: 20.35”² /  131.30 cm²

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