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Magic Model
Magic Model

Walden Surfboards

9’6” x 23” x 3 1/8”

Magic Model

$375.00 + tax


Walden Surfboards “Magic Model” shaped by Steve Walden. From Walden Surfboards website: “We try to simplify the design into three parts that every Magic Model has: 1. The Magic Hull  2.Magic Rails  3.Magic Rocker.  The Magic Hull is unique, the front 1/2 of the hull is concave, this single concave transitions into a double concave in the rear 1/3 and ends towards the tail, that has a moderate “V”. The concave nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding. The double concaved hull and hard rails make the board fast, stable, responsive, and maneuverable in all conditions. The Magic rails are hard, they tend to be harder than most other longboards, the unique bottom curve & bevels keep the rails from catching like most other hard rail boards. The Magic Model has a full rocker resulting in more tail maneuverability and more control when nose-riding. The combination of these design elements that Steve has perfected over the years has resulted in one of the best selling longboards of all time. The Magic Model is an all-around high-performance surfboard that rides just as great in small surf as it does in big surf. The Magic Model is so unique it even has a patented hull design.” 

This board is best suited for riders 130-215lbs

This board is in decent/good used condition with medium pressures on the deck, four stress cracks on the glass on the bottom of the board, and two small rail dings that need repair. *Not Watertight.*

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