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“Holiday” Custom
“Holiday” Custom


6’ x 22 5/8” x 2 1/2”

“Holiday” Custom

$275.00 + tax


Chemistry Surfboards “Holiday” model with custom dimensions in EPS epoxy construction shaped by Jason Bennett. From Chemistry Surfboards website: “Our Holiday model is a new addition to our small wave selection. This fish was built to speed down the line yet has a refined foil for high performance top to bottom surfing. The Holiday has a double concave to a single rocket channel off the tail. This assists rolling the board over from rail to rail while giving it some bite so it doesn’t feel too loose. The Holiday has a mellow rocker, with a wider nose, and the midpoint forward making it an excellent paddler for surfers of all skill levels.” 

This board is in good used condition with light pressures on the deck and a couple of professionally repaired dings. Watertight. 

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