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Half Moon
Half Moon
Half Moon

Chem Cursive

5’3” x 23” x 3” 41 L

Half Moon

$565.00 + tax


Chemistry Surfboards/Chem Cursive “Half Moon” model Mini-Simmons with glass on fiberglass fins shaped by Jason Bennett. From Chemistry Surfboards website: “The Half Moon is a non-traditional small wave glider. Its super wide outline and low rocker make this board exceptionally fast. The round nose allows this model to plane and paddle with ease. This board is the perfect addition to anyones quiver looking to draw different, unique lines, and to go fast! We recommend ordering this model four inches shorter than your shortboard, and around a half to one inch wider. This board comes with keel style twin fins.” 

This board is best suited for riders 135-215lbs

This board is in very good used condition with only very light pressures on the deck. No dings. 



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