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CJ Nelson Designs

9’11” x 23 9/16” x 3 3/16” 


$795.00 + tax


CJ Nelson Designs x Dead Kooks “Guerrero” model designed by CJ and Eden Saul in Thunderbolt epoxy construction. From CJ Nelson Designs website: “In designing and shaping this board I wanted to bring a totally fresh approach to what CJ has been riding.  After making a few Nausea model’s in various sizes and with a few tweaks I had a solid idea what I wanted to do with this concept. The Guerrero model is something fresh and exciting.  Starting with the rocker used in the Dead Kooks Nausea model we added some extra curve in the front 18 inches giving a nice clean and consistent rocker curve improving hold on the nose, stable and fast trim from a forward position and precise control and drive from the rear.  The outline is a nod to some late 60’s Australian favorites, pulling in the ears out front and carrying width just behind center providing a nice hip to work from.  There is a pretty serious amount of concave that runs through the front third of the board, narrow and blended into the belly as it runs out into the rest of the board while not altering the rail line. The rails are a noticeably a little lower more a 60/40 running into a paneled V section leading into the fin with a dash of edge for control, direct feel underfoot and a little flair.” – Eden Saul              *This board was a personal from CJ’s quiver.*

This board is in very good/excellent used condition with only very light pressures on the deck and no dings. 

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