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Gerry 7.75”

Futures Fins

Gerry 7.75”

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Futures Fins “Gerry 7.75”” template fin in fiberglass construction.

The Gerry 7.75” is the template Mr Pipeline, Gerry Lopez, used in his hay day at the deadliest wave on the planet. As his go to fin in the early years of riding single fin guns in heavy conditions, this 7.75” fin is a classic template with great maneuverability. This is also a proven template for your single fin short-board, mid-length, egg, bonzer, and 2+1. 

  • Template Category | Triangle Template
  • Construction | Fiberglass
  • Size | Medium Longboard


    Center Fin
    Area 28.90
    Height 7.80
    Base 5.40
    Foil SYMM

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