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Furrow Labyrinth 8.75”

True Ames

Furrow Labyrinth 8.75”

$88.00 + tax


Furrow Labyrinth Single Fin.

The Furrow Labyrinth was designed by immensely talented shaper Christine Brailsford Caro of Furrow Surf Craft in San Diego. It features beautiful curves and a finely tuned foil with the right amount of stiffness as well as flex that’s needed to really provide peak performance.

The Labyrinth's high aspect profile allows for less drag and increased lift, as well as more power through turns. If you're into driving through deep drawn-out turns, and benefitting from that zippy feeling of projection you get after loading up a properly foiled fin, then the Labyrinth may be just the design for you. 

  • High-aspect ratio profile with minimal area and solid amount of rake 
  • Designed to harness power and produce lift while maintaining low drag
  • Pairs well with boards in the mid-to-upper size range
  • Solid fiberglass construction, raw finish

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