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Eye Symmetry

5’7” X 21 ½” X 2 1/2”


$400.00 + tax


“The Turtle Twin is a modern take on a traditional surfboard design. Inspired by the bevel edge Tom Carroll has been adding on his stand-up paddle boards, we decided to incorporate this feature into a classic fish plan shape. The addition of the bevel edge also allows for a double within a single concave to be used as the bottom contour. Usually, fish designs do not feature concave as it creates too much lift and the boards are hard to turn, however, the bevel edge, running along the bottom of the board frees it up and allows the rider to maneuver the board easily. The rocker of this board is quite standard for a fish design with a low, clean entry and super subtle rocker in the tail. The keel fins used for the turtle are a custom design specifically for the board and are handmade from epoxy resin.”
This board is in good condition with normal pressures on the deck

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