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Edge Custom
Edge Custom
Edge Custom

Eternal Life

7’4” x 21 3/4” x 2 3/4” 

Edge Custom

$675.00 + tax $800.00


Eternal Life Magical Surfboard Company “Edge Custom” shape in polyurethane/polyester construction with single long box shaped by Logan Antill. From Eternal Life’s website: “Greenough tech gets new life in the 21st century. The concave channel running around the bottom rails creates an edge which divides the board into two planing surfaces. The exterior hull utilizes the full width for paddling; once at planing speed the board lifts onto the narrower interior hull while the hard edges rapidly displace water flowing diagonally beneath the board. Less wetted surface area in the water means less friction which translates to more speed. At times the ride has a sort of anti-gravity sensation, a feeling of weightless flotation, frictionless drive moving up down the wave face. The edge is an incredible design feature applicable to any type of surfboard from glider to fish to egg to gun. Edge boards excel in waves with speed and tension in the face when you can truly feel the acceleration take hold. The combination of soft outer rail and interior sharp edge combines release with hold through turns. In less-than-ideal conditions these boards cut through chop and offer a certain satin surfing experience. A single fin edge board in a fast wave might be one of the premiere board riding experiences. Multi-fin edge boards bring fresh arenas of experimentation. Using the edge in conjunction with twin, thruster and bonzer setups open new realms of speed, performance and sensation. Much thanks to George Greenough for pioneering edge board design and passing down knowledge to many talented shapers who continue to make non-linear wave riding innovations.” *This board comes with True Ames George Greenough 7.8” 50mm “Power Blade” fin.* 

This board is best suited for riders 115-215lbs

This board is in excellent lightly used condition with only very light pressures on the deck. No dings. 

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