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Donald Takayama

8’10” x 21 3/4” x 2 3/4” 


$595.00 + tax


Surfboards by Donald Takayama custom “DT-2” model in polyurethane/polyester construction with single long box designed and shaped by Donald Takayama. This board is estimated to have been built in the early/mid 90’s. From HPD’s website: “Donald’s ‘all-rounder’. This board was designed with more focus on noseriding than the DT-1. With the ability to do it all, turns, trim, noseride, this board could easily be a one board quiver. Working in waves from ankle high to well overhead, the DT-2 can be ridden and enjoyed by everyone.”

This board is best suited for riders 80-195lbs

This board is in decent/good used condition with medium pressures on the deck, some smaller pressures and two larger pressures on the bottom, yellowing on both the deck and bottom, two repaired dings, and some minor spider cracks on the stringer. Watertight. 


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