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Donald Takayama

9’7” x 22 7/8” x 3 1/8”


$1,315.00 + tax


Surfboards by Donald Takayama “DT-3” model in polyurethane/polyester construction with glassed on DT template side bites and center long box designed by Donald Takayama. From HPD’s website: “Diamond Tail Rocket. With this diamond tail 2+1 longboard, you will be able to punch through any section without losing speed. You can set up for either those tight whippy turns in the pocket or those high speed noserides. This board is all about flowing from one turn to the next, and as with all of Donald’s designs, the DT-3 is also an excellent noserider. The nose is also slightly broader than the DT-1, but not as broad as the DT-2.”

This board is best suited for riders 125-235lbs

This board is in excellent, very lightly used condition with only very light pressures on the deck. No dings. 

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