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Donald Takayama Flo Egg
Donald Takayama Flo Egg

Donald Takayama

6'10" X 21 1/4" X 2 3/16"

Donald Takayama Flo Egg

$625.00 + tax


Mid-length Egg

The Flo Egg is nothing like the traditional Egg Donald makes, this  board is a low rail, single fin wonder. This one is for those who like the long drawn out, full rail turns of the single fin shortboard days. A throwback to a time when shortboarders still had a log or two in their regular quiver, but who wanted to experience tighter, more in the pocket turns than their longboards allowed them.

This board is in excellent condition with only very minor pressures on the deck.  Complete with custom Takayama glass on thruster fin set. 

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