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Desert Island
Desert Island


7’11” x 22.25” x 3” 59.3 L

Desert Island

$775.00 + tax $875.00


Rusty Surfboards “Desert Island” model with a custom bat-tail and quad fin setup. EPS epoxy construction with Futures Fins quad boxes. From Rusty Surfboards website: “The Desert Island is the one board that does it all for larger, experienced surfers. The Desert Island provides plenty of paddle power and can handle almost every type of condition. The Desert Island is pure fun and perfect for catching a ton of waves. Shorter Desert Island’s come with triple concave…. The Desert Island is paradise, get yourself one and enjoy!” 

This board is best suited for riders 165-250lbs

This board is in very good used condition with only light pressures on the deck. No dings. 

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