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Delta-V Oracle
Delta-V Oracle
Delta-V Oracle

Mandala Custom Shapes

7’2” x 21.5” x 2.75” 

Delta-V Oracle

$1,295.00 + tax


Mandala Custom Shapes “Delta-V Oracle” custom shape in polyurethane/polyester construction designed and shaped by Manuel Caro. FCS Fusion twin plugs. From Mandala Custom Shapes’ website: “Designed in cahoots with Dane Peterson, the Oracle is a new take on our classic stubbie outline. We’ve pulled in the nose outline without sacrificing key elements of functional surface area and elliptical efficiency. Contemporary tail rockers combined with the Greenough 4A flex fin allows for a more progressive approach in hollower surf. Hull entry, single to spiral vee concave./The addition of channels to add functional edge and control is nothing new, and here we’ve added them to our tried and true spiral vee concave to produce our own “Delta-V” bottom contour. Micro-channels located behind the trailing edge of each fin creates an area of low pressure, decreasing the turbulence at the trailing edge while adding a touch of rocker at the rail. Deep twin channels provide extra edge and direct water flow off the tail, stabilizing the looseness of the twin fin set-up in larger surf without the drag of a trailing fin.Delta-V (Δv) is commonplace notation used in mathematics and particularly in physics to denote a change or difference in velocity.” *This board comes with Mandala x True Ames “Delta-V Twin” fins.*

This board is best suited for riders up to 225lbs

This board is brand new 

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