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Cosmic Rider
Cosmic Rider

Eric Christenson

6’4” x 20” x 2 5/8”

Cosmic Rider

$595.00 + tax


Eric Christenson Surfboards “Cosmic Rider” model with a custom 5-fin setup shaped by Eric Christenson. From EC Surfboards website: “The Cosmic Rider is a 70s inspired single fin shortboard design that’s been modernized with a more friendly rail concept, thinner foil, more contemporary bottom contour and half the weight. Despite it’s root in the past, with the modern adjustments applied, this board can turn with the best of them yet still innately possess it’s single fin ability to S turn on large walls at Sano, gouge wicked cutties at Trestles, highline trim at Malibu, or thread through punchy Huntington beach break- this board appeals to those that want a classic alternative shorty with way more style, paddlebility and natural speed than the norm standard all in a single fin package of simplicity.”

This board is brand new never waxed. 


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