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CJ Nelson Designs

8'3" x 20 1/2" x 2 3/4"


$695.00 + tax


This was Cory's personal board.  It's in great shape with normal pressures on the deck and a small ding on the nose which Corey repaired.  The board is water tight & super fun!...

This board is Poly construction not the Thunderbolt Tech.



“The Colapintail has been a board Ryan Engle and I have been working on for a long time. It’s a board that has helped me bridge the gap between longboarding and shortboarding because of its ability to trim, noseride, and turn. Originally influenced by Wayne Lynch, the first of these boards had a way wider tail, tons of Vee, and an 11’’ fin. After that, I realized why boards have been modified to where they are at now and began to draw more modern influences from people like Tommy Witt and Ryan Burch. I turned the rails down to allow for more speed to be carried throughout turns and nose rides, and also concaved out the vee in the tail, making for a spiral vee / double concave. I believe this helps put the board on rail, while still maintaining control. This board has been tried and tested at many reef breaks throughout Southern California, and is great for paddle power at waves that can be frustrating on a shortboard, and too intense for a log. I believe these style boards were called “fun boards” for a reason.” – Corey Colapinto

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