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CJ Performance Center
CJ Performance Center
CJ Performance Center

Flying Diamonds of California

CJ Performance Center

$75.00 + tax

Clear Volan
G10 Clear
Red Volan

Flying Diamonds of California “CJ Performance Center” template fin. 

The two plus one center is a classic. Ridden for 25 years plus in CJ’s performance longboards, this one is foolproof. Just enough rake to give you that continuous speed needed to link turns on a longboard but upright enough to keep you mobile and free. This one will never disappoint.

Ride this fin in any 2 plus 1 longboard, egg, mid-length, or glider. The neutral outline makes this fin easy to accompany with any side bites depending on your taste. Its upright stance and speed foil gives you the speed you need without tracking while keeping your direction change easy and flowing.

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