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CJ Parallax
CJ Parallax
CJ Parallax

Flying Diamonds of California

CJ Parallax

$85.00 + tax

Clear Volan
G10 Clear
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Flying Diamonds of California “CJ Parallax” template fin. 

The smaller surface area allows this fin to move through the water quickly with less side to side resistance. With its slender profile and speed foil, it’s one of the fastest and loosest fins in the world today. It also smooths out and allows flow in windy or choppy conditions.

CJ rides the Parallax fin in his Parallax and Outlier models, as well as gliders, and any board he’s trying to loosen up. Smaller sizes also work awesome in eggs and mid-lengths.

CJ: “This fin brings more life to any board, and is a must-have for any longboard turning enthusiast.”

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