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Ci Mid 2+1 Combo
Ci Mid 2+1 Combo

True Ames

Ci Mid 2+1 Combo

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True Ames “Ci Mid 2+1” template fins in fiberglass construction designed by Channel Islands Surfboards and Devon Howard. From True Ames’ website: “( 3 Fin Set ) FCS Compatible: The CI Mid 2+1, developed in cahoots with Channel Islands and Devon Howard, provides the ultimate blend of stability and performance. With modesty in mind, this set balances all characteristics to support user-friendly surfing but not limit high speeds and powerful rail usage. The 6.5" paired with 4.0" is the standard staple, sizing down to the 3.6" side bites for smaller surfers or loosen up the tail. Solid fiberglass center fin and side bites.”

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