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Bonzer Egg
Bonzer Egg
Bonzer Egg

Campbell Brothers

6’6” x 21” x 2 3/4” 

Bonzer Egg

$750.00 + tax


Campbell Brothers Surfboards “Bonzer 5 Egg” in polyurethane/polyester construction designed and shaped by Malcom Campbell. Glassed on Bonzer 5 side runners. From Campbell Brothers Surfboards’ website: “The Bonzer egg has evolved from the eggs of the early 70’s. They combine the best attributes of past, present and future. We make a wide range of them using mostly the 5 fin set up. They will work in many types of waves. Bonzer eggs utilize round, diamond and squash tails.”

This board is best suited for riders up to 200lbs

This board is in very good used condition with light/medium pressures on the deck only. No dings.

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