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Big Mack
Big Mack

Woodin Surfboards

7’8” x 22 1/2” x 3 1/8”

Big Mack

$925.00 + tax


Woodin Surfboards x The Surfboard Collective “Big Mack” collaborative model mini-noserider shaped by Kurtis Woodin exclusively for The Surfboard Collective. “Based inch for inch off of a board shaped in 1982 by John Bellick. Deep vee bottom running out the back of the tail with a double concaved channel running down the middle of the board. Turned down nose for better controlled noserides and with a ton of volume up front for easy paddling. Thinly foiled out through the tail for incredible responsiveness from the back half of the board. Cross-step, noseride, and turn with power, flow, and style.” 

This board is best suited for riders 100-225lbs

This board is brand new



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