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Australian Foil
Australian Foil


7’2” x 21 1/8” x 2 5/8”

Australian Foil

$875.00 + tax


Bing Surfboards “Australian Foil” shaped by Matt Calvani. From Bing Surfboards website: “The Australian Foil, otherwise known as the Oz Foil, was a model made famous by three-time Australian champion, Keith Paul, in 1973. While Keith was with Bing Surfboards, he shaped and designed his own model which turned out to be one of the best-selling models at the time. The original board design varied drastically due to the fast-changing shortboard revolution, but there were some distinct design features which Matt has tried to capture in his version of the Oz Foil. The original design was relatively flat with the wide point forward and a full rolled displacement to flat out the tail bottom; the tails varied from round, square, to diamond tails. In keeping the functional elements while modernizing the rest, Matt has re-designed his model to take a high-line, maintain trim speed and keep with stylistic surfing of that era. The flatter rocker and wide point forward are key to executing smooth cutbacks and bottom turn into trim effortlessly. He went with a diamond tail given that it facilitates these maneuvers well. Allowing you to maintain effortless speed with heightened turn capabilities, this board will satisfy surfers of varying abilities.” 

This board is brand new never waxed. 


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