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Jet Fish
Jet Fish
Jet Fish


6’2” x 20 1/2” x 2 3/8”

Jet Fish

$785.00 + tax


Bing Surfboards “Jet Fish” model in polyurethane/polyester construction designed and shaped by Matt Calvani. Futures Fins twin boxes. From Bing Surfboards website: “The Jet Fish is offered in the 6’2” to 7’6” range and can be thought of as a step-up shortboard to midrange Fish. We start with a midrange rocker similar to our Slalom model but with added kick, or lift, in the nose area, for a “shortboard influenced” nose. This is a wide point forward outline with a pulled in narrow swallowtail, which allows for an increased rail line to provide solid drive with maneuverability. Having the wide point forward makes for great paddling and wave catching ability. The slight roll in the nose combined with the narrow tail and the double concave Vee bottom makes the board extremely responsive and helps it to go rail to rail easily and allows for the Jet Fish to perform in a wide range of wave sizes and conditions.”

This board is best suited for riders up to 195lbs 

This board is brand new 

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