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Rasta Quad (Medium)

Futures Fins

Rasta Quad (Medium)

$150.00 + tax


Futures Fins “Rasta Quad” medium size template in Honeycomb/Carbon construction 

The Rasta Quad, designed by Australian freesurfing icon Dave Rastovich, is a versatile set that will suit almost any quad option board. The honeycomb construction combined with Futures’ V2-Foil on the front fins creates a looser feel, allowing for high-speed surfing and quick direction changes.

  • Size - Medium Quad (145-175 lbs)
  • Construction - Honeycomb 
  • Ride Number - Balanced - 7.7
  • Suggested Wave Type - All types | All conditions



Side Fins Rear Fin
Area 14.72 11.03
Height 4.44 3.79
Base 4.31 3.78
Angle 6.5 3.0
Foil V2 SYMM

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